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i am actually worried for emily and the state of her blog after she sees cap 2

I didnt even see this from any of you bc I have cap 2 blacklisted TOMORROW FINALLY SEEIN ITTTT

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Connect the hots


These are my own words and my own requests, not the words of Rooster Teeth or Achievement Hunter. Please do not take them as more than my own opinion/thoughts. 

Personally, I think Connect the hots is a stupid, creepy and childish game. Always have, always will. I have more feelings on it, but this is all I will share for now. I am more interested in how all of you feel about this. If you have a minute, please comment on this post or reblog it with your thoughts. I’m looking for the following info:

1. Does Connect the hots offend and/or upset you. Why?

2. Have/will you take action because of connect the hots (unfollow Geoff/Gavin/Barbara/Gus, stop watching the shows, leave the fandom, etc)?

3. What would you want to see from Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter/Geoff/Gavin to make amends?

I ask because I care about the community and want to know how everyone feels. 


P.S. Do not argue with people in this post as it’s rude and creates spam. I’d really like to be able to read everyone’s responses. 

First: thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for addressing this rapidly and thoroughly. Even if Geoff and Gavin do nothing, it still means something that you as a member of the community and employee of the company are doing what you can.

1 and 2. It offends me, but it also just makes me tired. Women have to deal every day with the question: Is today a day when a man says something to remind me I’m less than he is? Is today a day when I get catcalled on the street? Is today a day when I get raped?

I’ve always been an avid gamer, since I was a little kid, but I avoid console gaming and gaming conventions because the community is so vitriolic towards women. I’ve been playing one online multiplayer game for about 5-6 years now, and until recently I had a feminine username and my avatar was pink. I received rape threats or come-ons at least weekly, sometimes more often. A couple months ago I changed my username to something gender-neutral, and my avatar is gold instead of pink. I’ve only gotten one “are you a girl?” solicitations and zero rape threats. It’s a relief. At last, I can play, without my gender being the most important thing about me. 

So watching Rooster Teeth videos has always—ALWAYS—been a battle between, “Wow, I’m really enjoying watching this Let’s Play, I relate to this, oh man they’re playing one of my favorites” and “—-Oh. That’s right, you think of women as objects and not people. Ugh.” Any media I engage in has me constantly asking myself the question “Do I enjoy this enough to let the sexist bullshit slide?” and you know what? Most of the time, I do let it slide. Because it’s everywhere. And you won’t enjoy anything if you can’t just accept that you’re going to sometimes feel like shit for being a woman while you’re enjoying it. But sometimes, I do give up on stuff. Doctor Who is an example—was an avid, obsessive watcher, but just couldn’t take the subtle jabs at women over the last season and a half, so I stopped watching and I sure as hell am not going to buy any DW merch anymore. With Rooster Teeth, I’m still going to watch the Let’s Play videos until I emotionally cannot deal with it anymore, but I unsubscribed from all the channels, and I have no desire to watch Podcasts or anything else the company produces. I have no desire to buy Rooster Teeth products or engage in the community on a more than superficial basis. The only RT employees I would consider following on Twitter are Michael and you, at this point, for being the ones most publicly engaging this shit on a critical level.

3. Look, women have to deal with sexist bullshit all the fucking time. It’s so exhausting. I’m not even mad anymore, just exhausted. There’s an entire system piled up against me, and there’s not much I can do about it without support from men, too. At the very least, Geoff and Gavin can apologize sincerely, without making the “it was just a joke” excuse (also incredibly tiring). But they can also say something like, “Wow, now that it’s been pointed out to me that I habitually stalk women and make them feel unsafe and terrified, I’m going to stop doing that. I’m sorry I did that in the past. It was not right. I do not want anyone to do what I did, because it’s fucked up and disgusting.” And yeah, echoing what someone else has said: Geoff has a daughter. Would he really be okay with two strange guys slowly following his daughter in their car and sexually harassing her??? How has he not thought about this?? I hate that we have to situate men to understand feminism by pointing out the women in their lives and what they will have to deal with—I wish men could just hear what happens and be like, “Oh man, I don’t know those people personally and that’s never happened to anyone I know personally, but that’s fucked up and I’m not down with it!”, but maybe it will help to contextualize the creepiness of this by going personal. 

The first time I was sexually harassed out of a car window, I was nine years old. NINE. I was a dumpy, frumpy, unattractive child. But I was female. And so they were going to sexually harass me. We don’t ask for this shit. So don’t encourage it.

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redirected link to my ten favorite trek ladies

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